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H2, H02, or H-2 may refer to:

Arts and media



  • <h2></h2>, level 2 heading markup for HTML Web pages, see HTML element#heading
  • H2 (database), an open-source Java SQL database-management system
  • DSC-H2, a 2006 Sony Cyber-shot H series camera
  • HTTP/2, major revision of HTTP, often abbreviated in discussions as h2, and identifying itself to other servers as h2 in TLS negotiation or h2c in the HTTP Upgrade header
  • LGA 1155 CPU socket, also known as Socket H2

Roads and transportation


Science and mathematics


Biology and medicine



  • H2, the chemical formula for hydrogen gas (dihydrogen)
  • Deuterium (Hydrogen-2, H-2, 2H), the isotope of hydrogen with one proton, one neutron, and one electron

Other uses in science and mathematics

  • H II region, a region of interstellar atomic hydrogen that is ionized
  • *h₂, one of the three laryngeals in the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European language
  • The Hardy space H2



Air and space

  • H-II, a family of Japanese liquid-fueled rockets
  • H-2 MUPSOW, a precision-guided glide bomb manufactured by Pakistan
  • Landgraf H-2, an American single-seat twin-rotor helicopter produced in 1944
  • Standard H-2, a U.S. Army reconnaissance plane produced in 1916








  • HMAS Success (H02), a Royal Australian Navy Admiralty S-class destroyer completed in 1918
  • HMS Exmouth (H02), a British Royal Navy E-class destroyer commissioned in 1934
  • HMS H2, a British Royal Navy H class submarine commissioned in 1915
  • USS H-2 (SS-29), a U.S. Navy H-class submarine commissioned in 1913

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